FUSO Corporation



"Move Forward with Water"

"Burn with passion, pursue ideals, take on challenges"
This attitude at the origin of FUSO has been perpetuated ever since our company was founded.
Constantly pursuing the "ideal water," which keeps on changing with the times, we pour our passion into creating a better future.

To think about water is to think about the future.

Through the water environment and the water infrastructure, there are many things that we can accomplish because we at FUSO have long been observing people, nature and society.

Moving forward with water, beyond water.
FUSO is committed to continue taking on challenges while expanding the scale of our activities.


To create water, use water, and consider about water

Back when the water infrastructure was not yet developed, a world in which safe water could be used stably was a dreamlike future. To always think about the "next water" and how to create it while producing the water called for by the times and distributing it to society--this has been the DNA of FUSO since the foundation. As we face numerous issues such as the degradation of the water supply and sewage pipes, Japan's declining population, climate change, and water conflicts, what is the "next water" we should create as a comprehensive water company? While considering this question, we forge ahead as a company that produces, uses, and thinks about the water infrastructure and other world-enriching infrastructures from a broad perspective.


Irrigating society like water

Water is the source of life, a precious resource for people's lives and the natural environment. Through the development of water supply and sewer systems, we have been devoting our efforts to realizing a society where everyone can use water on a daily basis. As we go forward, we direct our gaze always a step ahead. Based on our state-of-the-art knowledge and technology cultivated as a comprehensive water company on its way to becoming a hundred year company, we eye challenges in new fields that include, beside the water infrastructure, energy creation, the environment, and agriculture, as we aim to grow the "FUSO Brand" that will enrich society in a fluid manner like water.


Challenge × Creation × Passion

Our growth is supported by each and every one of our employees. While being water environment professionals, FUSO employees are creators who design the future by observing people's lives and social activities. Today, as we think about future customer needs, we open new doors by thinking outside the box in a bid to create a vibrant society. Driven by our values of Challenge × Creation × Passion, polished by abundant accomplishments and experience, we pursue a happy future for society.

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